5 Tips to Create Your Cat’s Ideal Home Environment

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Create Your Cat's Ideal Home Environment

This is where being a cat gets really appealing. Cats typically sleep two-thirds of the day, so even if you are providing stimulation and exciting activities, the time will come when your cat needs to slip away for some shut-eye. Let them, because there's a very good chance that your cat was up at dawn, instinctively awake and moving around during what would be hunting time for an outdoor cat. Additionally, cats tend to be very active at dusk, another typical hunting window.

Cats need multiple resting places throughout the home, so if you're someone who likes to be able to nap on the couch, your easy chair, or in your bedroom, you understand. As a cat owner, make sure that your cat has comfortable areas to sleep. Pet stores boast lovely, expensive cat beds, but often all your cat wants is the arm of the sofa, a pillow or the top of your stairs. As long as it works, let them enjoy it; often spending the money on the fancy cat bed is a waste.

Again, remember to let your cat escape when he needs alone time. However, if your cat sleeps too much, they may be sleeping out of boredom. Ensure they have the social and physical stimulation that they need.

Cats were not always domesticated animals, so when you make one a part of your home, just remember what their inner cat needs.

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