Pet Grooming Care Grooming Tips

posted: 05/15/12

Even if you leave pet care and grooming to a professional pet groomer, there are still some grooming guidelines you can follow at-home to keep your pet healthy and happy. Karen "Doc" Halligan, Petfinder and more pet experts share easy tips and advice for pet grooming and care.

Bathing Tips and Tricks

Doc Halligan shares her cat bathing technique and Petfinder teaches you how to keep your dog squeaky clean too.

Coat Care

Find out how often you should brush your pet's coat and the best way to remove mats.

Pet Ear Care

Doc Halligan shares pet ear care tips and signs of ear infections checklist. Plus, Petfinder explains how to best clean a dog's ears.

Pet Eye Care

It's been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. This is true for animals as well. Doc Halligan explains more.

Clipping and Caring for Your Pet's Nails

Find out how often you should clip your pet's nails. Plus, Petfinder makes it easy for you to take on this pet care task in five easy steps.

Kitty Health from Head to Paw

Discover the benefits of grooming your cat from our friends at Muttropolis.

Top 5 Reasons to Take Your Dog to a Groomer

Dr. Vanessa Wensing gives you five good reasons to take your dog to a professional groomer.

Chews Wisely: Dental Health Tips

One of our favorite pet boutiques, Muttropolis, shares five quick and easy steps to keep your pet's chompers healthy.

Five Favorite At-Home Grooming Products

Haute Dog Boutique shares their top five grooming products for at-home pet care.

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