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Top 5 Signs Your Cat May Need to Visit the Vet

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Sometimes it's difficult to know when it's appropriate to take your pet to the vet.
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Sometimes it's obvious when your cat needs medical attention. If, for example, a passing vehicle or stray dog causes trauma to your cat, you wouldn't hesitate to rush her to the veterinarian. The same goes for a seizure, eye injury or severe allergic reaction.

Sometimes, however, the need for medical attention isn't as apparent -- but it may be just as important. If your cat just doesn't seem to be herself, it could signal a more serious problem. This is why being tuned in to subtle changes in your cat's body or behavior is crucial -- such knowledge could save your cat's life.

What should you watch for? Everything from missing fur to refusing the litter box could be cause for alarm -- or not. We'll help you sort out the differences beginning on the next page.

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