How to Build a Dog Run

Building a Dog Run

Sure it's the dream of many dogs to run wild in the streets. What pup wouldn't want to scurry throughout their neighborhood unsupervised and without their pesky leash? We hate to break it to you, Fido. That's not going to happen. Need a space outdoor just for your dog to play? Consider building her a dog run - a fenced in, locked area of the yard where your dog can, well, be a dog.

Dog runs provide pooches the best of both worlds: protection and the freedom to run in their own space. We all know that most dogs love to be outside. That's where they do their business, exercise, sniff around, take naps, and just basically enjoy being outside.

Sure you can go cruise the Internet or the aisles of your local pet store in search of a dog run. But if you're looking for a fun, outdoor project that can be done with the help of family members and friends, building one might be just for you.

Before you get started, find spot in preferably in the back yard to place the run. It needs to be a place that's at least partially in the shade during the hot summer months, clear of poisonous plants and flowers and visible enough for you to put your eyes on your pet from the window.


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