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Top 5 Pet Meditative Activities

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by: Alia Hoyt

Most pets (dogs in particular) possess an impressive ability to run around at top speed, dig holes and greet houseguests with unparalleled enthusiasm. At the end of a long day, many pets like to kick back as much as we do. Although a glass of wine and a bubble bath is out of the question for an animal, there are many relaxing activities that we can share with our pets.

Common sense alone tells us that owning a pet can make a person happy. After all, companionship in the form of a cuddly, non-judgmental friend with a pleasantly wet nose is rare and appreciated. For proof-seekers, there's no lack of scientific evidence. Studies have repeatedly shown that owning a pet increases the levels of "happy hormones" like oxytocin, which promotes relaxation and an overall Zen feeling. In addition, pet ownership is believed to lower blood pressure and decrease levels of cortisol, a damaging hormone that's linked to anxiety and depression. Read on for a list of five meditative activities that can strengthen the pet-owner bond and relax both you and your furry friend.

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