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Top 5 Ways to Manage Pet Allergy Symptoms

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Get Squeaky Clean

Staying on top of chores not only brings harmony to your household, it can help your sinuses as well. Dusting is key, and don't forget to use hot water when washing linens, towels and other fabrics to make sure any dander that's present is eliminated. Pet allergens can land and stick on woodwork and walls as well, so even if these surfaces look clean, play it safe and give them a regular wipe down. Keeping things clean applies to the pet itself, too, so if you have a cat or dog, grooming is a great way to save a lot of grief for anyone in your household who may have allergies. Grooming includes both brushing and bathing, and taking these steps on a regular basis can help decrease dander levels in your pet's fur, on his skin and in the air. For cats, don't forget to keep those litter boxes as fresh as possible, and place them away from any vents.

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