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posted: 07/26/11
by: Shanna Freeman
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He's called man's best friend for a reason -- find out what you can do at home to keep him healthy.
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Having a sick dog can make you feel powerless. While there's no substitute for the care of a veterinarian, there are things you can do at home to make your pup feel better. Knowing the symptoms of common illnesses, as well as when it's time to get professional help, could mean a longer, happier life for your dog. Read on to learn how to evaluate, diagnose and even treat some conditions that might plague your pooch.

How familiar are you with your dog's health? Knowing when your dog needs to go to the vet and when a home remedy will do the trick can save you time and money, and it can also save your dog discomfort and pain. In Evaluating Your Dog's Health, you'll find out how taking the time to examine your dog's eyes, ears, mouth and more can help you recognize common maladies.

Worms is the term for a wide range of parasites that your dog can pick up from other infected animals, the soil or some of his less-than-pleasant eating habits. But how do you know which type of worm is afflicting your dog? Knowing the difference between coccidia, giardia, heartworm, hookworm and the other types of common worms makes all the difference when it comes to treatment. Learn how to identify worm infections and why treating them as soon as possible is important in Home Remedies for Dogs With Worms.

Fleas are a common problem for dogs. These little bloodsuckers can hop on your dog during a walk around the block or even in your own backyard. Aside from causing a lot of itching and annoyance, fleas may also lead to harmful infections. Discover ways to prevent your dog from getting fleas in the first place and how to get rid of them in Home Remedies for Dogs With Fleas.

Everyone's heard the term "mangy dog," but what exactly does it mean? Mange actually describes a wide range of mites that can take up residence in your dog's coat. Avoiding them completely is ideal, but sometimes, mange mites end up in your dog's fur no matter what you do. Learn all about these dangerous critters and how you can rid your dog of them in Home Remedies for Dogs With Mange.

Obesity has become a health crisis for humans -- but we're not alone. It's also a serious problem in our pet population. If your dog falls into the overweight category, you'll need to get him exercising regularly. He may also need to go on a diet. Home Remedies for Overweight Dogs provides tips that can help your dog lead a happier, healthier and longer life.

An active dog is a healthy dog -- except when it comes to painful encounters with nuisances lurking in the great outdoors. These can include plants, like foxtails, and other animals, like porcupines. You may not have known that they were called foxtails, but you've probably seen them: a spiky, bristly grass that attaches itself to your dog's coat and can pierce his skin. In a worst-case scenario, these cuts can lead to a dangerous infection. Tangling with a porcupine can also be dangerous, and some dogs never learn. Home Remedies for Dogs With Foxtails and Porcupine Quills explains how to extract both of these piercing prickles from your pup's skin -- and when it's time to get him to the vet for help.

Dogs that love to run and play outside can also end up with sore feet and sunburns. Our canine companions don't have the benefit of comfy, supportive shoes on those long treks. Although a dog's paw pads are tough, they're susceptible to scratches, scrapes, burns and more. Dogs can also get sunburned, especially breeds with short fur. Have you ever considered applying sunblock to your dog's skin just like you do for your own? In Home Remedies for Dogs With Sore Paws and Sunburn, get some tips on how to prevent these maladies and treat them when they do occur.

When your dog is ill, you'll do just about anything you can to speed up his recovery. There's a lot you can do at home to nurse him back to health, including taking care with his food and physical activity. If he's on medication, there are also tricks for persuading him to take it easily. In How to Nurse an Ailing Dog, we provide guidelines for getting your dog back on his feet.

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