5 active games to play with puppies

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Who doesn’t love a game of hide and seek? And it’s even more fun with a furry friend. Games like these are great exercise and provide a wonderful outlet for honing your happy hound’s hunting skills. Start the game by having a friend hold your dog while you go and hide. Then, say his name every few seconds until he finds you. He’ll be very excited when he does – young dogs love this game. A great way to reinforce training is to command him to "come" while he is searching. If your dog truly doesn’t see where you’ve hidden, it’s sure to be a suspenseful -- albeit short -- game of hot pursuit.

Another fun game for around the house is to have your dog hunt for a toy or treat. The idea is that rather than having to find a hiding human, your best baby buddy must sniff out something that you’ve stealthily stashed away. Most dogs love this game just as much as hide-and-seek. In fact, the only downside is that puppies can become so excited that they bark, bite, or otherwise behave badly if they become frustrated by the hunt, so be sure to let them win sometimes.

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