5 active games to play with puppies

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Taking a stroll along the beach, in the park, or simply through your own neighborhood is an ideal activity for young dogs. Make each walk a game by giving your hound a chance to jump, balance along curbs, and smell the roses as he finds them. Just be sure to keep close. According to Dr. Nelson, using a 4 to 6 foot (1.2 to 1.8 meter) lead, not an extender leash, is a good way to keep your bowwow safe. Also, bear in mind that running should only be done on the puppy's terms.  It’s not safe to go jogging with your fledgling fur ball until his joints are fully mature. Keep the walks short, about five minutes for each month of age (i.e. about 15 minutes for a 3-month-old puppy.)

Considering all the sights and sounds they experience, outdoor explorations can be intellectually stimulating for developing dogs. Walking with your young pet allows for interaction with other people and animals, providing much-needed socialization for both of you. Being out for a stroll is also a great time to reinforce a puppy’s training for commands like sitting and staying. When you meet a neighbor, be sure to show off your dog’s skills.

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