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Some might think this is the grossest pet ever, but many people consider this large, hissing insect their love bug. If you can get past the idea of keeping a cockroach on purpose, you might realize these hissers actually make really good pets. They don't fly or bite, and the hissing sound they make is pretty cool, too.

Caring for This Pet

These roaches need small living spaces with places to hide from light, and sticks to climb. They are excellent climbers and have been known to climb right out of their enclosures. Experts recommend keeping the top couple inches of the enclosures coated with petroleum jelly to inhibit the roaches from escaping. These insects like fresh veggies with any type of dry pellet food that's high in protein -- even dog food will do the trick.

Is This Pet Right for You?

Some states might require you to get a permit before bringing these large cockroaches into your life, so check your city and state laws before bringing the bugs home. Because they don't bite or sting, these cockroaches could make excellent first pets for children, especially those interested in bugs. Just remember, as with all of the pets on this countdown, owning these rather peculiar pets can present some challenges. Make sure you're up for them before diving in.

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