10 Popular Small Pets

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It's nice to have a small pet that can't outrun you, and a turtle certainly fits that bill. They're happy to set up camp in your home and are always ready for an adoring audience. Box turtles are a popular choice, with their colorfully patterned shells and winsome good looks, but they are picky eaters. Red-eared sliders are more aerodynamic, sport distinctive red marks on each side of the head and aren't so fussy.

  • Life Span: Up to 40 years
  • Best For: Children 8 or older
  • Feeding: Earthworms, insects, and fruits and vegetables; or commercial pellets, depending on turtle breed.
  • Housing and Exercise: Turtles require a terrarium or aquarium that's roomy enough for a few rocks large enough to perch upon, as well as dry areas in which they can burrow and shallow water in which they can rehydrate. They don't need a lot of exercise.
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