10 Popular Small Pets

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Curious and covered in fur, ferrets are an interesting pet. But they aren't low-maintenance; they like to explore and roam. This makes it tricky if you've got a lot of visitors opening and closing your front door. And, ferrets can be temperamental toward visitors, making them prone to proffer a nip if mishandled. The reward for all your ferret-care, however, is a pet with personality-plus.

  • Life Span: Five to 8 years
  • Best For: Children 12 and olderFeeding: Commercial ferret pellets or cat food, fresh water
  • Housing and Exercise: Although you'll want a wire cage with a solid base for your ferret, they prefer to have the run of the house instead of caged confinement. When given their freedom, they will investigate every nook and cranny.
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