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This pig isn't the 1-ton (2,000-pound) variety you'd find on a farm, but a smaller breed that makes a pretty good pet. George Clooney famously cared for a potbellied pig named Max for more than 18 years. These squealers are relatively odor-free and easy to train. Police departments have even used potbellied pigs as drug sniffers, because of their trainability and the fact that they have an amazing sense of smell.

Caring for This Pet

Potbellies like a regimented schedule, so exercise and mealtimes should be at the same times every day. According to veterinary experts, they have a tendency to become obese, so it's important to maintain a balanced diet and make sure that they get plenty of exercise. Potbellies can be trained to walk on leashes, so you can walk your pig the same way you would a dog for daily activity.

Is This Pet Right for You?

Potbellies are considered intelligent and affectionate animals, but they might not make great pets for everyone. For one thing, the potbelly likes to be the center of attention, so one pig is enough for any family. According to the Merck Veterinarian Manual, this sense of importance can lead to aggressive behavior after the age of 2. Therefore, this peculiar pet doesn't make a good match for a family with small children. The potbelly also loves to root and can destroy carpet, if yours is an indoor pet. And it's worth stating that this pet isn't good for anyone who takes pride in a perfectly manicured lawn.

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