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Goats have long been kept as pets; even Abraham Lincoln had a pet goat in the White House during his presidency. Although most people don't keep standard dairy goats as pets anymore, pygmy goats are popular as pets, thanks to their compact sizes and friendly dispositions. These grass-eaters are similar to small dogs in size and are generally considered easy to care for.

Caring for This Pet

Pygmy goats aren't as high maintenance as standard goats, but they still require shelters that are at least 8 by 10 feet (2.4 by 3 meters) with 4-foot (1.2 meters) high fencing, suggests the National Pygmy Goat Association (NPGA). They are very sociable and are happier in a herd atmosphere or with other pygmies to befriend. A balanced diet for these creatures includes grass hay, brush and leaves. While most livestock vets will treat pygmy goats, you should locate one before bringing home your unique pet.

Is This Pet Right for You?

A pygmy goat might be right for you if you are able to provide a home environment that includes strong structures with plenty of land to roam and healthy grass to nosh. The NPGA says that pygmies will react to their owners' voices, but even with a responsive goat, this pet could prove too challenging for most people.

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