Ornate Horned Frog: Stats & Facts

posted: 05/15/12
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Ceratophrys ornata

Also known as the Pac-Man Frog, this creature's color variations are tan and brown, green and brown, and albino. It has been compared to Budgett's Frog (Lepidobatrachus laeuis), Pixie Frog, Mouse Eating Frog, and African Bull Frogs (Pyxicephalus adspersus).

It is best not to handle the Pac-Man: it is an observation "pet." It is generally not compatible with other tank inhabitants. The most important thing to remember with this frog is that it needs fresh, clean water at all times. If this is not provided, the frog will develop a bacterial infection, which will eventually kill the frog. The frog's normal life span is 7-9 years with proper care.

These frogs do best with a 9 to 12-hour photoperiod. Longer periods of light may cause them to stop eating. Fluorescent bulbs are preferred over incandescent light because the latter may dry out their skin.

Adult males are smaller, sometimes with loose, dark-bearded throats, and nuptial pads on their inner thumbs. Females have no beard.

Babies and juveniles must be kept separately.

Quick Stats: Horned Frog

Family: Leptodactylidae

Origin: South America; mainly Argentina

Size: Males: up to 7"; Females: up to 9"

Diet: Juveniles: small goldfish, crickets, and small pinky mice. Adults: mice, small rats, and large goldfish. All can be dusted with vitamins.

Water: Provide clean water at all times with a maximum water level at the height of the frog's nostrils

Housing: 10-15 gallon aquarium

Substrate: Not necessary for juveniles. Damp gravel or moss for larger frogs

Decoration: Plastic plants and rocks

Lighting: Fluorescent, not incandescent

Temperatures: Between 72 and 82°F; use an under-the-tank heater

Humidity: Keep humidity high

Care level: Moderate

Cautions: Can inflict painful bites; handle only with extreme care

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