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posted: 05/15/12
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Rabbitfish are members of the Siganidae family. There are two genera, Siganus and Lo, although some prefer to classify all rabbitfish into one genera, and refer to Siganus and Lo as subgenera. Rabbitfish are found in shallow lagoons in the Indo-Pacific and eastern Mediterranean. Some live in schools, while others live more solitary lives among the corals.

Rabbitfish have small, hare-like mouths, large dark eyes, and a peaceful temperament which gives them their name. They are colorful, but have well-developed, venomous dorsal and anal fin spines. Another unusual feature among rabbitfish is their pelvic fins which are formed from two spines.

All rabbitfish are diurnal and herbivorous, feeding on algae in the wild. In aquariums, they should be fed a variety of fresh vegetables and algae.

- Bicolored Foxface

- Foxface Rabbitfish

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