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Sargassum Fish

posted: 05/15/12
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Sargassum Fish
Courtesy of Drs. Foster and Smith
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The Sargassum Fish is a member of the Antennariidae family. With a body of mottled brown and tan, several projections give it more of an ornate rock-like appearance than that of a fish.

A good reef dweller, the Sargassum enjoys perching on coral ledges and requires a tank of at least 30 gallons.

The Sargassum feeds by ambush, lying in wait for an unsuspecting fish or crustacean to go by and then lunging forward, grabbing and swallowing the victim whole. The Sargassum has been known to devour fish nearly equal to its own size.

A diet of feeder fish and shrimp should be provided. Do not overfeed as the Sargassum may stop feeding.

Like other anglers and frogfish, they are generally compatible with: Large Angelfish, Anglers & Frogfish, Anthias, Batfish, Boxfish, Butterflyfish, Filefish, Grunts & Sweetlips, Hogfish, Lionfish & Scorpionfish, Squirrelfish and Tangs & Surgeons.

Fish Facts

Name: Sargassum Fish (Histrio histrio)

Family: Antennariidae

Range: Atlantic, Indo-Pacific & Red Sea

Size: Up to 6 inches

Diet: Carnivore

Tank Set-up: Marine: Densely planted

Reef Compatible: Yes

Tank Conditions: 72-78°F; sg 1.020-1.025; pH 8.1-8.4

Minimum Tank Capacity: 30 gallon

Light: High

Temperament: Semi-aggressive

Swimming Level: Top

Care Level: Moderate

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