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posted: 05/15/12
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Small Dog Stuff: Products to Complement Your Pooch's Lifestyle
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Border collies were bred to herd. Saint Bernards were bred to rescue. Hounds were bred to hunt. But many small dogs were bred to, well, be adorable. It's no wonder why so many people love them -- and why it's so hard to resist spoiling the little dogs with accessories and a luxurious lifestyle. It's not uncommon, for instance, for these tiny dogs to get the best, cushiest beds complete with personalized monograms.

Owners of small dogs go above and beyond. Many love to purchase dog outfits to dress up their miniature best friend. These outfits can range from simple sweaters to dresses and outlandish Halloween costumes. The variety of doggy outfits and even hats you can get for your little canine is staggering, rivaling the available variety of baby outfits. You can dress your dog up in your favorite sports team's apparel, shirts with snarky sayings, cowboy hats, wigs and even religious garb. That's right -- you can find little doggy yarmulkes.

Speaking of charms, jewelry happens to be another popular accessory for toy dogs. Sparkly necklaces, bejeweled collars and pendants are some of the common "bling" that dog owners love to shower on their little canines. If a dog has hair that's long enough, many owners also like to style it and put in fun bows, clips and other accessories.

Some owners have even gotten their small dog's ears pierced to allow them to flash even more jewelry. Critter Company, a pet store in Bossier City, La., offered ear-piercing services for small dogs and cats for a short time before many became upset and protested the practice. The company claimed that the procedure was painless with the use of a numbing cream, however, and safe for small, indoor dogs who don't tend to scratch their ears.

What about when your pooch is on the go?

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Small Dog Travel Products
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Small dog owners know the anxiety of separation -- both for the owner and the dog. Little dogs are too full of energy to be left alone for long. Luckily, you can find many great travel accessories that help you take your little Fido with you wherever you go. Consider car seats. Car rides jostle an unrestrained dog and can cause injury from sudden stops. Heaven forbid you get in an accident. That's why a doggy car seat might be a wise purchase. The seats come in various shapes and sizes, and many have plush, cozy beds to coddle your canine.

A similar travel accessory is a carrier, which you can also get in various designs, including stylish purses and tote bags. In fact, a "dog purse" can refer to a purse that's built to accommodate a small dog, or it can refer to a type of harness that straddles a dog and attaches to a short handle. You can even find backpacks designed to carry a small dog. Airplane travel carriers are handy when you have to go on extended trips and can't leave your precious pup at home.

Daily walks are important, especially for indoor dogs who don't have yard access. But the weather isn't always cooperative. If you need to go on a walk amid threatening skies, now you can get an umbrella just for your dog. This nifty invention is basically a small umbrella with a built-in leash threaded through it, which hooks up to a collar.

And if you want your dog to travel in comfort as well as style, you can protect its tiny paws from those nasty puddles with dog booties. These usually strap on with Velcro and have nonslip bottoms. They can be useful for dogs that need to walk through the snow, but they also come in handy for protecting little paws from broken glass on city streets, or hot sand and pavement in the summer.

We haven't even exhausted the kinds of products you can get for a small dog -- but it seems that if you can imagine it, somebody sells it.

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