Sterba’s Cory

posted: 05/15/12
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Sterba's Cory
Courtesy of Drs. Foster and Smith
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Corydoras sterbai, which is referred to as Sterba's Cory, Sterbai Cory, or Sterba's Corydoras, is a peaceful, bottom-dwelling member of the armoured catfish group. Sterba's Cory is often confused with Corydorus haraldschultzi, which is a different species with a lighter background and darker spots.

Indigenous to the upper Rio Guapore in Brazil, South America, Sterba's Cory prefers a dark, soft-bottom aquarium shared with upper to mid-water dwelling species. A sparse array of plants, tepid clear water with some current, and allowance for plenty of free-swimming space will provide an optimal environment.

During breeding, the male will clamp the barbels of the female during the fertilization process. The female will carry the eggs to their final destination by using a special pouch located under her ventral fins. The eggs are then attached to a plant leaf or other smooth surface. After 3-5 days, the eggs will hatch, and the young can be fed micro-worms or micro-plankton until they are large enough to consume prepared foods.

Sterba's Cory is an omnivore, and will thrive on all types of tablet and flaked foods with the occasional live treat added.

Ideal tank mates include: Guppies, Platies, Mollies, Swordtails, Tetras, Barbs, Danios, Discus, Angelfish, Rasboras, Gouramis, Rainbowfish, Plecos and peaceful scavengers.

Fish Facts

Name: Sterba's Cory (Corydoras sterbai)

Family: Callichthyidae

Range: South America — Brazil, Upper Rio Guapore

Size: Up to 3 inches

Diet: Omnivore

Tank Set-up: Freshwater: Rocks, some plants, soft bottom

Tank Conditions: 70-77°F; pH 6.2-7.8; dH up to 15

Minimum Tank Capacity: 30 gallons

Light: Low

Temperament: Peaceful

Swimming Level: Bottom

Care Level: Easy

Reproduction: Egg Layer

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