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Synodontis Decorus Catfish

posted: 05/15/12
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Synodontis Decorus Catfish
Courtesy of Drs. Foster and Smith
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The Synodontis Decorus Catfish, also known as the Decorus Catfish or Decorated Synodontis, is known scientifically as Synodontis decorus, S. vittatus, and S. labeo. It is a member of the naked catfish group.

A 50 gallon or larger aquarium with a warm, stable temperature, and plenty of rocks and plants is a suitable environment. The Synodontis Decorus Catfish is a very peaceful tank member and appreciates having several hiding places. It co-exists well with larger Tetras and most African Cichlids similar in size.

When netting, one must be very careful of the spines on the pectoral fins which have serrated edges. These can become easily entangled in netting and may cause injury to the fish or hobbyist.

Currently, the Synodontis Decorus Catfish is not being successfully bred in the aquarium.

Omnivorous, this Catfish will eat flaked food, tablets, and all types of live food.

Ideal tank mates include: Cichlids of similar size, Gouramis, Larger Barbs, Larger Tetras, Rainbowfish, Larger Danios, Loaches, Plecos and Scavenger Catfish.

Fish Facts

Name: Synodontis Decorus Catfish (Synodontis decorus)

Family: Mochokidae

Range: Africa — Upper Zaire, Cameroons

Size: Up to 10 inches

Diet: Omnivore

Tank Set-up: Freshwater: Rocks, plants

Tank Conditions: 75-82°F; pH 6.5-7.8; dH 4-15

Minimum Tank Capacity: 50 gallons

Light: Low

Temperament: Peaceful

Swimming Level: Bottom

Care Level: Easy

Reproduction: Egg Layer

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