5 active games to play with puppies

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Perhaps the best active game for young dogs is simply learning tricks. This is a great way to combine exercise with the discipline your pet will need for a healthy and happy life. Start off with teaching basic training commands like "stay" and "come" outside or in a room large enough to allow him to practice. These skills not only teach your dog to focus; they will be critically important to his safety when you bring him out into the world. Later, you can move on to tricks such as lying down, rolling over, or playing dead.

Performing tricks is a mental and physical workout for your pet. A good rule of thumb is to spend only about 10 minutes at a time on each trick session, and then come back to it after a short break -- dogs learn best when trained early and often. Also, be sure to reward your puppy with plenty of treats, love and affection for performing well. Tricks and training are important for developing doggie discipline, but they also should provide an opportunity for bonding between you and your best buddy.

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