5 Way to Help Older Small Dogs

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Top 5 Products to Help Your Aging Small Dog
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If you've ever known a little dog, you know that they provide lots of love. And many people prefer small breeds over large breeds for various reasons. In a practical sense, little dogs take up less space, so they're more manageable.

But it goes deeper than that. Consider that humans domesticated the dog by selectively breeding for young, cub-like characteristics. This explains why dogs are now as tame and playful as wolf cubs, even into adulthood. It's plausible that dogs simply bring out a parental instinct in us so that we crave to care for them. Some researchers even theorize that dogs' faces -- with big eyes, ears and forehead -- resemble that of human infants. Smaller dogs, which are closer in size to babies and were historically bred for their infantile cuteness, therefore evoke our parental instincts all the more.

This is perhaps why it's so hard to watch a little dog with a youthful zest for life grow old. Gradually, the little guy's body can't keep up with his undying, childlike enthusiasm. Smaller dogs tend to live longer than big dogs, too, which means that the aging process is more drawn-out.

Over the next few pages, we'll talk about some creative products that will help both dog and owner through the difficult aging process.

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