Top 5 Signs of a Sick Jack Russell

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Top 5 Signs Your Jack Russell May Be Under the Weather
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From "Frasier's" Eddie to PBS's "Wishbone," the Jack Russell terrier (JRT) is one of television and film's most famous breeds of dog. These sturdy little dynamos are best known for their energy, loyalty, intelligence and companionship, making them perfect for both starring roles on the big screen as well as in your family. Originally bred to be hunters, Jack Russell terriers are determined, fearless and bold. Because of their strong personalities, they require a lot of discipline and exercise and need consistent obedience training.

But what if your normally fit and lively JRT isn't feeling well? Although dogs can't verbalize how they feel, they can give you signs to indicate when they're under the weather. Whenever your pet starts acting differently, it might be a sign that they are sick. Always consult a veterinarian when you have questions about your Jack Russell terrier's health. Read on to learn about top five signs that your Jack Russell may be sick.

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