Top 5 Small Dog Grooming Tips

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Top 5 Small Dog Grooming Tips
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Taking charge of your dog's grooming needs -- from bathing to trimming hair to nail care -- can put a fair amount of money back into your wallet, and what's more, you might actually enjoy it. But don't expect to get rid of your groomer entirely: Alexandra Mason, head certified groomer at Dogtopia, a national chain of dog day cares, spas, boutiques and boarding facilities, says some of the less appealing tasks, namely pulling your pup's inner ear hair and emptying his anal glands, are best left to the professionals, since mistakes can sometimes have serious health consequences. Similarly, you should take on tasks like nail-clipping only after asking your vet or a professional groomer for a demonstration.

But most grooming tasks are easy, and simply require the proper tools, some basic know-how and lots of love. Once you've got a routine down, your grooming sessions should turn into wonderful bonding experiences between you and your pet.

To get off on the right foot, keep these five things in mind.

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