5 Training Tips for Beagles

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A V.I.P. YES! Very important pup!

-- Snoopy

The most famous beagle in the world was right. Throughout history, these very important pups have rubbed shoulders with British kings and queens, and toward the end of the 19th century, they became the hunting partners of the aristocracy. Beagles were found to be so suited to the chase that the ability to hunt down prey in challenging terrain relying only on a keen sense of smell became known as "beagling."

Your V.I.P. may have left the sport of "beagling" to the pages of history, but he still possesses the traits that made him a great beagler. Generations of being bred for the chase can make modern household training a challenge, so read on for tips on how to train your very important pup to obey you even when he hears the sound of a hunter's bugle.

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