5 Ways to Keep a Healthy Pug

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Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Pug Healthy
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Pugs aren't known for their hunting or tracking skills. They wouldn't be much help in herding sheep. And their small stature doesn't make them the most effective guard dog. However, due to their loyal companionship and adorable face, pugs have endured through centuries as one of the most beloved dog breeds.

With a small body, short snout, big eyes, curly tail and wrinkly face, you can see how pugs were bred to be lovably cute. Most likely originating in ancient China, pugs were sometimes used as diplomatic gifts between rulers. They make great companions for kids, adults and the elderly, often becoming as playful or laid back as the owner.

A healthy adult pug weighs about 16 pounds (7.3 kilograms) and lives about 13 years. Although the breed is relatively low maintenance, the following tips will help keep your pug dog healthy to give him or her the long, full, happy life your beloved companion deserves.

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