Traveling With Your Cat

posted: 05/15/12
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Taking Your Cat Along
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If you will be away quite awhile and feel the stress of traveling can be offset by the pleasure of you and your cat being together, you may consider taking your cat along. Or, perhaps you've taken your cat on progressively longer rides and feel he can cope with an extended trip. If you are leaving the country, call the animal authorities in the jurisdiction to which you are traveling to find out about special vaccination requirements, what documents you will need and any other regulations concerning animals. International traveling papers can take time to process, so apply for them well in advance. If quarantine is required, forget about taking the cat; the stress isn't worth it unless you're moving permanently. Visit the vet for a checkup and shots, advice on any sedatives and details on fasting before the trip. Make sure your destined lodgings allow cats.

A collar and identification tag with your cat's name, your name and the address and phone number of both your home and place of destination is essential. Your cat will also need his harness and leash, his usual food (to avoid stomach upsets), a bottle of his usual drinking water (gradually substitute local water at your destination), his bowls, litter box, a supply of litter and a scooper, first-aid and grooming supplies, health records (including vaccination certificates) and medications, plus a few favorite toys from home. Don't forget cleanup supplies, including paper towels and spray cleaner. Lining the bottom of the carrier with disposable diapers will soak up any "accidents" and simplify cleanups.

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