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Trinidad Plecostomus

posted: 05/15/12
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Trinidad Plecostomus
Courtesy of Drs. Foster and Smith
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The nocturnal Trinidad Plecostomus is a great candidate for a community aquarium. Usually greenish yellow in color, its patterned fins camouflage it well in a planted tank. It comes from the Amazon region of South America from fast flowing rivers to flood plains.

A larger tank of at least 75 gallons is recommended to house the Trinidad Plecostomus. It will get rather large in the aquarium, so provide plenty of room for it to move. Plants, rocks, and driftwood help mirror its natural environment and help give it a sense of security.

In the wild, this fish is an egg layer, but breeding in an aquarium setting has not been successful.

A useful herbivore in an aquarium with algae, the Trinidad Plecostomus will keep algae under control under normal tank conditions. If no algae are present, supplement with algae wafers and other herbivore preparations.

Ideal tank mates include: Angelfish, Discus, African Cichlids, South American Cichlids, Tetras, Barbs, Danios, Rasboras, Gouramis, Rainbowfish, Guppies, Platies, Mollies, Swordtails, Loaches, Plecos, Catfish and similar sized, miscellaneous fish.

Fish Facts

Name: Trinidad Plecostomus (Hypostomus punctatus)

Family: Loricariidae

Range: Amazon

Size: Up to 11.5 inches

Diet: Omnivore

Tank Set-up: Freshwater: Plants, rocks, driftwood

Tank Conditions: 72-82°F; pH 6.0-7.5; dH 4-15

Minimum Tank Capacity: 75 gallons

Light: Low

Temperament: Peaceful

Swimming Level: Bottom

Care Level: Easy

Reproduction: Egg Layer

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