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Bald Eagle Read Article

Apr. 29, 2014

You can find Bald Eagles in lakes and trees in states like Florida, South Carolina, Texas, California, Washington, and Alaska. You might spot this bird north of the border in Canada, too.

Iguana Read Article

Apr. 29, 2014

Iguanas tend to hang out on land but they're great swimmers and will retreat to the water at the slightest threat from predators like snakes and eagles.

Meet Mitch Read Article

May. 15, 2012

Flower and Zaphod's little boy is all grown up and showing real signs of dominant male potential. Eagle-eyed Mitch has become the Manor's super sentry, consistently warning his family about winged predators, rival meerkat gangs and cheeky roving males.

Monster Monday: 12-Foot Python Takes Residence in Texas Home Read Article

May. 19, 2014

A Texas woman had the surprise of her life when she found a 12-foot python slithering around her bathroom.

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After the Attack Puzzles Play the Puzzle

Jun. 14, 2012

Try your hand at our famous jigsaw puzzles at Animal Planet's After the Attack website. Try to piece together a cougar, moose, wolf, bison, sea lion, kangaroo, wedge-tailed eagle and saltwater crocodile.

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