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posted: 04/29/15
Lil Bub is the uber, mega Cat STAR!
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Lil Bub is the uber, mega Cat STAR!
Betty Chu/Animal Planet

Does your whiskered wonder have the personality and swagger to be an internet kitty cat mega star? Could YOUR furry friend be the next Lil BUB or Katty Furry?! Animal Planet and AT&T are searching for AMERICA'S NEXT CAT STAR and, this could be your cat's one and only chance to strut their best to the internet - and the world!

The search concluded with an online vote, narrowing the field down to five lucky felines. And, on Saturday May 2, at 9PM E/P, Animal Planet will be crowning one of those five AMERICA'S NEXT CAT STAR!

Could your kitty handle life in the fast lane of the fab and famous? Tune in on Saturday to hear about Lil BUB's rise to stardom and what life as a celeb cat is really like.

"In the blink of an eye, I was considered one of the most important and influential cats on the planet," said internet icon, feline femme fatale, Lil BUB, who guest stars in the special. "The best part of being a cat star is that I have been able to use my fame to help others. I wouldn't trade it for the world."

Who will be crowned AMERICA'S NEXT CAT STAR? Tune in Saturday, May 2, at 9PM E/P to find out!



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