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Meet The Finalists

Albert Baby Cat

Walnut, CA


Albert lives with his Mom Christine Look in LA. She says that her Munchkin was the runt of his litter, thus earning him the nickname "Baby Cat". She became determined to make him famous after taking him to the Internet Cat Festival and meeting Lil Bub. Albert is very mellow and loves people. He is America's Next Cat Star because he has a unique and distinct look, and is so adorable!


Tukwila, WA


Brimley is a rescued Persian who lives with his dad RJ LaCount outside of Seattle. Brimley has a dog-like personality, meaning he loves to hang out with people and is very friendly yet mellow. He spends most of his days sleeping, but his favorite thing is belly rubs. He gets them in the morning, after work, and before bed. Brimley is America's Next Cat Star because everyone who meets him falls in love with him within seconds.


Des Moines, IA


Walter "Der" is a 2 year old exotic shorthair living with Jinx Etling and her family in Des Moines, IA. She bought him at a cat show because she liked his tipped tongue. He is very laid back, tolerates everything, and loves to spend time with people. His Instagram personality is more sarcastic. Der is America's Next Cat Star because he loves the camera and performing for people!


Oklahoma City, OK


Sauerkraut is a 16 month old rescue living with her former foster mom Amy, dad Patrick, and three cat siblings in Oklahoma City. She is a special needs cat with congenital problems. Amy started Sauerkraut's social media presence to find her a forever home. Sauerkraut is America's Next Cat Star because there's something about her face that's hilarious, and she can promote special needs adoption.

Sunglass Cat AKA Bagel

Hawthorne, CA


Bagel aka the Sunglass Cat is a 2 year old special needs cat who lives with her mom Karen McGill in southern California. Bagel was born without eyelids and even after 3 surgeries has to wear sunglasses to keep her eyes protected. Bagel's daily routine includes a trip to the beach, and posing for photographs with fans. She is relaxed and adapts easily to new people and places. She is America's Next Cat Star because is one in a million!