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posted: 10/31/12
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animal cops
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Follow the hard-hitting men and women of ANIMAL COPS as they take a bite out of animal cruelty.

This animal welfare series follows the men and women who investigate cases of animal cruelty; rescue sick and abused animals and fight for justice on their behalf. Hundreds of thousands of animals are rescued each year from coast to coast and it is the Animal Cops mission to give hope and create happy endings out of tragic situations.

Revealing the grim connection between animal mills and pet stores, join the teams at animal welfare organizations across the country as they investigate cases of animal cruelty and prosecute the perpetrators. Animal Planet's ANIMAL COPS sheds light on the men and women who track down cases of animal cruelty, rescue sick and abused animals, and fight for justice on their behalf. Witness this dedicated team's mission as they expose heartbreaking deception behind animal mills and cease the vicious cycle of animal cruelty on ANIMAL COPS

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