CatCon Cam Schedule

posted: 05/29/15

Don't miss a single moment of the feline fun! View this schedule for a list of the panel times and speakers to be featured on the stream throughout the weekend. Between panels, the live stream will also feature additional commentary, a showcase of the best cat finds at the convention, and any updates during the event. For full details about each panel and speaker bios, please visit the CatConLA website.

Note: All times listed below are in Pacific Standard Time.

Saturday. June 6

11:45-12:55 | PetSmart Charities Presents: Goodbye Dowdy, Hello Gorgeous: Debunking the Cat Lady Myth, introduced by Mayim Bialik
Diane Lovejoy and Ashley Tsuchdin- Author of Cat Lady Chic; Creator of Choupette's Diary

1:15 - 2:15 | Cat Guys of Animal Planet
Shaun Sears and Tom Otto- Stars of Animal Planet's new show, "Treetop Cat Rescue"

2:30-3:15 |Photographing Cats - It Looks Easy, But It's Not
Joann Biondi- Photographer and creator of Lorenzo the Cat

3:30-4:20 | You Can Be a Cat Guy and Still Be Cool
Keith Bowers-Senior Editor, Catster

4:40-5:50 | My Cat's a Celebrity... And How I've Dealt With That
Mike Bridavasky, Lil BUB, Scott Stulen, Kady Lone, Pudge, Will Braden

Sunday, June 7

10:00-10:45 | How Cats Have Changed the Internet & My Favorite Memes
Ben Huh- CEO of Cheezburger and Creator of the Cat Meme

11:15-12:15 | Catvidfest Favorites
Will Braden and Scott Stulen- Creator of Henri, Le Chat Noir; Creator of the Internet Cat Video Festival

12:45-1:45 | Humor... with Cats
Francesco Marciuliano & Angie Bailey- Author of I Could Pee On This and Other Poems By Cats; author of Texts from Mittens

2:00-2:50 | How Cats Have Shaped My Life as an Artist: A Short History
Rob Reger- Creator of Emily the Strange and Bad Kitten Club

4:00-5:10 | Lil BUB's Big Show
Mike Bridavsky, Lil BUB, and Jack McBrayer
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