Beaver Brothers

How Do You Outsmart a Groundhog?

About Beaver Brothers

In the small hamlet of Pomquet, Nova Scotia, there are more animals than people. And although they try to live harmoniously together, it's not always possible. So when conflict between critter and community arises, brothers Charlie and Eddie Landry and their young protégé, Mike, are called in to take care of the program. In this quirky Canadian comedy, this band of brothers - BEAVER BROTHERS -- is a local legend. From homes flooded by beaver dams and family dogs terrorized by skunks to trash-eating raccoons and barns inhabited by moose, there is never a shortage of problems that pops up in this wildlife-infested community. Never afraid to get their hands dirty and dive right into the action, the BEAVER BROTHERS are on a mission to outwit, outsmart and outlast local animal nuisances.

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