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The King of Rock's Scandalous Sidekick
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Elvis Presley, a known ladies' man in his day, had an entourage he called the Memphis Mafia, and its most notorious member was a chimpanzee named Scatter. Presley adopted Scatter in the early 1960s from a Memphis public television network, where the chimp worked on a children's educational program. Trained to perform on command, Scatter made a good sidekick for the King, but he wasn't used to either life on the road or entertaining the Memphis Mafia who, along with Presley, enjoyed watching the chimp wreak havoc everywhere they went.

According to Presley's friend Jerry Schilling, Scatter became quite the cad, looking up women's skirts, pinching their butts and climbing on them. Presley gave Scatter bourbon and loved to dress him up in a chauffeur's uniform. But as he grew older, Scatter became too unruly even for Presley and was sent back to Graceland, where he lived out his final days with little companionship in an air-conditioned cage.

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