Do You Believe Bigfoot Exists?

posted: 05/15/12
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Do You Believe in Bigfoot?

Is it possible that half-ape, half-human creatures live in uninhabited areas of our vast forestland? Does the Bigfoot evidence convince you one way or another? Or are you exploring the possibilities, as we do every week on Finding Bigfoot?

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Welcome to the hunt!


Explore the Bigfoot Evidence:

1. The number of credible witnesses and their geographic distribution

2. The scientific examination of casts and photos of footprints

3. The Patterson-Gimlin footage

4. Native American folklore about bigfoots

5. Sound recordings attributed to bigfoots

6. Healed dermal scars on track casts

Recent Bigfoot Sightings (Reported on the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization Website):

- Michigan: Man recalls encounter he had as a teenager near Kalkaska

- Illinois: Motorists have sighting at night near Otterville

- Pennsylvania: Woman remembers witnessing a tall hairy figure in the Pocono Mountains

- Father remembers fishing with his son, appearing to be observed by a sasquatch which is later sighted on the far side of the lake near McKenna

- Possible vocalizations heard by campers In Lake Luzerne area

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