The Evidence For Bigfoot

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Healed Dermal Scars

"Beginning in the late 1990's and continuing for the next 10 years, fingerprint expert Jimmy Chilcutt in Texas began examining details in track casts obtained in various parts of the country.

"He noticed distinct dermal ridges in some of the casts. Some of the nearly microscopic details showed healed scars where the skin had been previously cut or damaged. Some of the casts showed larger longitudinal ridges, which were also thought to be dermal ridges, originally.

"Other researchers later demonstrated that those larger longitudinal ridges could have been created inadvertently in the process of pouring the liquified plaster into the track impression. The more microscopic details of the healed dermal scars however were not caused that way.

"The healed scar patterns tend to confirm the authenticity of the tracks in question."

Content courtesy of the BFRO.

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