Top 10 Hairiest Bigfoot Stories

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The Tale of Albert Ostman

No. 9 on our countdown is the terrifying tale of Albert Ostman, an itinerant lumberjack who encountered a family of ape men during a camping trip in the remote forests of British Columbia in 1924. One night, so the story goes, Ostman awoke to the realization that he was being carried off — still in his sleeping bag — and that he was unable to wrangle himself free. His captor had him over one shoulder and was moving rapidly over mountain terrain with his hand over the sleeping bag opening.

After a couple of hours of this harrowing journey, Ostman was released from his sleeping bag confines and claims to have found himself surrounded by a family of Sasquatch. There was an adult man, an adult woman and two children, a girl and a boy. They did not attempt to hurt him, according to Ostman, but they made it clear that he was not allowed to leave. Over the next few days, the forest beasts chattered to each other with grunts and monosyllabic utterances, keeping a close eye on their victim. Finally, Ostman says he hatched a plan to incapacitate the adult male by enticing him to consume an entire tin of snuff. As the giant creature writhed in pain, Ostman was free to make his escape.

After finding his way to a logging camp, where lumberjacks fed him and gave him shelter, Ostman returned home from his torturous trip without telling anyone about his abduction. That is, until 30 years later. He finally told his story after he heard that several others had come forward with similar tales. The experience haunted him for the remainder of his life, but he never knew why he was taken by the Sasquatch or what became of them in their mountaintop hideaway.

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