Meet Katie

posted: 04/03/15

Known as one of the most beautiful and smart giraffes in the 12-member herd at the Dallas Zoo, Katie is extremely friendly, loves to greet guests at the feed yard -- a platform where visitors can give the giraffes things like lettuce and rye crackers -- and is a great mom to her 4 year old baby, Jamie. Katie's zookeepers say she is easy to train. For instance, she's one of the only giraffe at the Dallas Zoo who can stick her long tongue out on cue!

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Although Katie is friendly and gets along well with the herd, she's also known to be a "diva." She likes to toss her head around and makes it clear if she doesn't like something. "She is very good at communicating to me and the other keepers how she's feeling," says Allison Dean, Katie's main trainer. "She has expressive body movements and facial expressions. She can really tell you what she likes and doesn't like."

The best way to tell Katie apart from the herd is by the very small spots on her rump that also run down her back legs. Trainer Allison says Katie looks like a "movie star," with facial features that look like she's wearing makeup. She has a dark ridge that runs down the front of her face as well as brown spots on her cheeks which makes it look like she's wearing rouge.

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