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When unwanted animals move into your home, it could be one of the biggest nightmares you will ever have to face. Take our quiz to find out if you could outwit a house full of snakes, spiders and other creepy critters.

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It's late at night, and you are suddenly awoken by loud scratching and chattering noises. It seems to be coming from your ceiling. You suspect fairly large animals are making their home in your attic. What's up there?

Resolve to call a professional in the morning. Better be safe than sorry.
Decide to investigate the attic space yourself. You're sure you can handle whatever's up there.
Go back to sleep, and ignore your guest's intrusion. Live and let live, you always say.

... Loud scratching and chattering noises are tell-tale signs of raccoons hiding in your midst. Raccoons are well known mischief-makers, and are known to be both intelligent and strong. They can also carry a variety of parasites and diseases, including rabies. All good reasons for why it is best to call a professional to evict them.


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Your cat begins to show a keen interest in the walls behind your television. On closer inspection of the area, you see that the wires and cables there are nearly chewed through. Why do mice and other rodents cause so much damage to non-food items by nibbling?

Mice have an appetite for destruction. They enjoy wreaking havoc on your home.
Mice can digest objects such as wire and cloth.
Chewing helps rodents cope with their dental problems.

... Mice, rats, and other similar rodents have front teeth that never stop growing. Therefore, they must chew things in order to file down their teeth to keep them at a manageable length. They also nibble on some non-food items in order to tear pieces off small pieces of material to carry back to build their nests.


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Ants. They’re marching in, and have been for weeks. You are at your wits’ end dealing with these tiny critters, but cannot figure out how they keep finding your food. Each ant that crawls in seems to know exactly where to go. Why?

Ants have extraordinary eyesight. This is why they are so adept at navigating kitchens.
Ants have a keen sense of smell. They can tell what’s in your cupboard from a great distance away.
Ants leave little messages telling other ants where the source of food can be found.

... Once a source of food has been located, most species of ants secrete a pheromone trail to lead other ants to the food. It is the worker ants' job to find food to bring back to the nest.


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One day, you notice a dark, small seed-like pod on the floor next to your refrigerator. You begin to notice several of these pods in your kitchen over the next few days. What is likely to be lurking in your midst?


... Cockroaches, one of the most unpleasant pests, lay very distinctive egg sacs, shaped like seeds or beans. If you spot one of these in your home, it is a tell-tale sign of a roach infestation. More disturbing still, an egg sac indicates that the pest problem is severe. Call a professional immediately.


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Taking out the trash one warm Arizona night, you spy what looks like an extremely large insect scuttling across your lawn. Curious, you decide to find the creature for a closer look. Where are you most likely to find it?

Hiding under something or in the shade, trying to stay hydrated.
Basking in the sun. These animals love your warm climate.
In your kitchen, foraging for food.

... In warm areas such as the Southwestern United States, scorpion infestations are more common than you would think. Even more than food, these animals seek water, and dark places to hide from the sun. Scorpions are dangerous house guests as they have stingers filled with poisonous venom. Prevention, such as removing common hiding spots, is key when it comes to these pests. They are notoriously difficult to get rid of once they have moved into a home.


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You go to retrieve a suitcase from the corner of your attic and suddenly glimpse eight long, spindly legs and several dark beady eyes staring back at you. Looking around, you notice that this visitor brought friends. An infestation of spiders has invaded your attic. Why might they find it a suitable habitat?

A family of birds is also living in your attic. Spiders and birds often cohabitate.
Spiders generally climb to the highest hiding spot.
Nevermind the spiders, you have more pests to find first.

... Spiders feed on insects, so finding a spider infestation means that these arachnids have found a source of food in your home. Find and eliminate the pests that the spiders have been snacking on, before taking action against these often helpful creatures.


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Small red lines of bumps begin to appear on your arms and legs. You spend the day searching your home for the culprit, but find nothing. What unwelcome guest could have caused your discomfort?

Bed Bugs

... Unlike many other insect bites, bed bug bites almost always show up in multiples. Lines of red bumps most likely indicate a bed bug infestation. Take action quickly, as the elimination of these night crawlers often requires much time and effort.


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You consider yourself a person who likes to be prepared. A neighbor tells you to beware of a snake problem in the woods surrounding your house. How might you determine if a snake had already found its way into your home?

Check cool, moist spots, like your bathtub, for the intruders.
Investigate high, bright spots.
Look for the slithery guests in warm, dark places, such as a heated basement or garage.

... Snakes are most attracted to places that are warm and dark. If you suspect a snake is lurking somewhere in your house, there are ways to coax it out of hiding. Set up an appealing hiding spot by placing a heating pad or a warm cloth in a dark, secluded area, and check back to see if your reptilian friend stops by for a visit.


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