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10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Jane Goodall

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Happy birthday, Dr. Jane Goodall!
GANT/Morten Bjarnhof

By Wendee Nicole: Wendee visited Uganda in early 2014 & reported this story under the Special Reporting Initiative.

World famous primatologist Jane Goodall turns 80 on April 3rd and there’s no better time than now to reflect on Lady Jane’s incredible contributions not only to science, but to spreading her gentle goodwill around the world. She champions hope, peace, poverty alleviation and showing compassion for all the planet’s creatures by making wise decisions and using the main thing that separates us from chimpkind: our noggins.

“If all of us would go through our lives thinking about the little choices we make each day as to what we buy, what we eat, what we wear – and how those choices might impact the environment, might impact child slave labor in other countries, might impact cruelty towards animals, we start making small changes… Billions of small changes around the world can lead to the kind of change we need if we care about future generations.” – Jane Goodall

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