Lost Tapes The Big Bigfoot Joke

posted: 05/15/12
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The Big Bigfoot Joke
AP Photo/Ben Margot

When Bigfoot enthusiasts Rick Dyer and Matt Whitton called a press conference in August 2008 to announce that they had the body of a 500-pound dead Bigfoot in a large freezer, the response was a whirlwind of international media fanfare. Word of the find exploded on the news wires, especially once images of the frozen beast were published along with a story claiming that several more individuals were known to exist in a remote part of north Georgia. As Dyer and Whitton explained, the exact location of the remaining man-beasts would be kept confidential in order to protect their privacy.

However, the hype was short-lived. Soon after the press conference, mammalian experts from around the country responded by discounting the images as a hoax. Most believed that Dyer and Whitton had merely stuffed a widely available Bigfoot Halloween costume with an assortment of mammalian road kill. When confronted, the men soon confessed that it was all a hoax — they had indeed purchased the costume on the Internet. When asked why they did such a thing, the two replied that it was all just a "big joke."

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