Lost Tapes Bigfoot in Big Sky Country

posted: 05/15/12
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Bigfoot in Big Sky Country
AP Photo/File

In the summer of 2001, the rumor mill churned up a rather provocative tale of a Montana rancher who had shot and killed a Bigfoot after the man-beast was caught menacing his livestock. But wait, it gets better. The rumors also contain details about federal agents — presumably the FBI — showing up within minutes of the kill to whisk the wild man's remains away to an undisclosed location before the local police had time to investigate. The story created quite an intrigue among the local population and within the Bigfoot research community.

Despite the detailed nature of the claims and their persistence over several months, many people were skeptical of the slain Sasquatch story, especially when the rancher/would-be killer came forth to say that no such incident ever occurred. Alas, the tale was too good to be allowed to die. The rumors only spread wider with the rancher's denial, which was taken as evidence of his role in the cover-up.

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