posted: 08/13/12
VEER Antonino Barbagallo
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BIGFOOT SIGHTINGS: Bigfoot -- also known as Sasquatch, Yeti and Skunk Ape -- earned its name from the gigantic footprints it is said to leave behind. Thousands of sightings of this large, hairy, ape-like humanoid creature have been reported in forested areas in many parts of North America, with most occuring in the wilderness areas of northern California as well as other parts of the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

BIG AND STINKY: Completely covered in dark brown or reddish hair and ranging in height from 6 to 10 feet tall, Bigfoot is said to weigh between 500 pounds and half a ton. And according to some, the behemoth creature stinks; some witnesses report an overwhelming stench when they supposedly encounter a Bigfoot. Others attribute mournful wailing sounds and other unusual vocalizations to the monster -- many of these sounds have supposedly been recorded.

SHY AND PEACEFUL: Despite Bigfoot's size and appearance, the creature is hardly ever described as a ferocious predator. The beast is said to be an omnivore who feeds on plants as well as fish and small animals. In fact, Bigfoot is largely believed to be shy and peaceful. Some even say the creatures have a soft spot for kittens and small children, taking the former as pets and attempting to engage in play with the latter.

THE EVIDENCE FOR BIGFOOT: Bigfoot believers insist that photographs and casts of the creature's famous footprints -- some nearly 2 feet in length -- prove the existence of this behemoth creature. And many Bigfoot enthusiasts point to the so-called Patterson-Gimlin video taken in 1967 as irrefutable evidence of Bigfoot's existence. Shot in the northern California wilderness, the controversial video shows what appears to be a female Bigfoot walking across the frame, swinging her arms. Many claim the pictured Bigfoot is a man dressed in an altered gorilla suit, but experts say the long arms of the beast on the video would be impossible for a costumed human to recreate.

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