Lost Tapes Jacko the Ape Man

posted: 05/15/12
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Jacko the Ape Man
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There are countless stories of man's encounters with large hairy humanoids stretching back through history, but this elaborate tale is notable for its ability to endure for more than a century. Coming in at No. 10 in our countdown is the story of Jacko, an ape-man allegedly captured by a crew of railway workers in British Columbia during the summer of 1884.

According to the men, they spotted a man-beast lying alongside the tracks as they passed through a rocky gorge. They stopped to investigate the creature and determined that it had somehow fallen from a cliff and was injured, but still very much alive. The men managed to capture the creature and force it onto the train. They took it into town and held it for several days in the local jail, feeding it berries as they tried to decide what to do with it. They named their captive beast "Jacko."

According to some, the legend of Jacko provides convincing evidence of the existence of Bigfoot. However, a news report of the incident published in the Daily British Colonist and uncovered by Bigfoot researchers in the 1950s suggests otherwise. According to the report, about 200 people visited the jail hoping to get a glimpse of the wild man once word of it spread throughout the region. Alas, there was no man-beast to behold. The erstwhile captors reported that Jacko had made a cunning escape from the jail just moments before their arrival. The townspeople were not sold, and neither are most modern-day Bigfoot enthusiasts.

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