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posted: 05/15/12
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REPTILIAN BEGINNINGS: Reptilians are humans with reptilelike features, and they're found in many aspects of mythology, from the Greek god Boreas, a man with serpent legs, to Chinese dragon kings. Even the serpent found in the book of Genesis in the Bible might be considered a reptilian, since the text sometimes describes it as having legs, and it's associated with Satan. But are reptilians just a legend, or do they really walk among us?

SLIMEY SIGHTINGS: There have been multiple claims of reptilian sightings throughout the years. One of the earliest ones occurred in 1955 in Loveland, Ohio. Named the Loveland Frog, this creature was described as having the body of a human with a frog's facial features. Reportedly seen standing near a bridge, this reptilian was short in stature with patchy green skin and webbed hands and toes. This eyewitness account was the only one to come out of Loveland until nearly 20 years later when, in 1972, police said they saw a creature of the same description.

A more recent reptilian sighting occurred in 1988 in Lee County, S.C. That's when 17-year-old Christopher Davis said he saw a "lizard man" in Scape Ore Swamp one evening. The reptilian was reportedly 7 feet (2.1 meters) tall with a muscular build, scaly green skin and glowing eyes. His hands were supposedly equipped with pads that allowed him to stick to objects. Davis claimed the lizardlike creature began chasing his car and jumped on the roof, causing damage to the automobile. After this first sighting, more reports involving the mysterious swamp creature cropped up.

CONSPIRACY THEORIES: Reptilians are at the center of several conspiracy theories involving the government. The most notable theorist is David Icke, who claims that 43 U.S. presidents and England's Queen Elizabeth are all reptilians. Icke believes there's an entire underworld of lizard people who receive protection from the government and live in tunnels deep within Earth's shell. Although this theory may seem outrageous, many people believe Icke's claims and think it's possible that reptilians are hiding right under our feet.

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