posted: 08/13/12
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Thought to be the scariest, most feared sea beast ever to inhabit our planet's waters, the Kraken was said to be more than a mile long. The monster was so terrifying that it would make even the toughest skipper shake in his knickers. Tales of these creatures describe them as having giant tentacles that would envelope and capsize ships. As the ships would sink to their demise, the beast was said to eat those on board or let them drown in the ship's wake.

Dating back to 12th-century Norway, the legendary Kraken is said to be the only sea monster to have roots in reality. With its many arms and bulbous eyes, it's now believed the giant squid may be to blame for all the high seas hubbub. Either way, it's a wonder anyone took to the ocean blue while this legend was at its height.

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