Adopt a Meerkat

posted: 05/15/12
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Adopt a Meerkat
Picture(s): Fellow Earthlings' Wildlife Center, Inc.
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Founded in 1989 and located in Southern California's high desert, Fellow Earthlings' Wildlife Center, Inc., is the only fully licensed nonprofit animal sanctuary in the world that specializes in caring for meerkats. Director Pam Bennett-Wallberg, featured in our Behind the Mask section, has devoted her career to providing life-long homes to these endearing and winsome creatures.

The meerkats who live at the center come from accredited zoos for a variety of reasons: they may be orphaned, injured, old or the previous facility is simply out of room to care for them. The center's unique Adopt-A-Meerkat Program, which helps care for the animals, allows visitors to enjoy a private, two-hour "nose-to-nose" experience with these lovable and inquisitive animals.

To learn more about this special program, and how you can help meerkats, visit the Fellow Earthlings' Web site at (Please note that this link takes you to a site not operated by or affiliated with Discovery Communications, Inc.).

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