Meet Maybelline

posted: 05/15/12
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Heinrich Van Den Berg

Flower's death left the Whiskers on the brink of civil war as dueling sisters Maybelline and Rocket Dog battled for control of the family. When Rocket Dog emerged as top kat, Maybelline defected and formed her own little splinter group, the Aztecs... right in the Whiskers' backyard. With the family divided, the Manor is changed forever.

Maybelline is struggling to become an effective leader and defeat her biggest enemy yet: her sister. But until she has pups of her own, that radio collar around her neck might as well be a flea collar. To ensure her dominant female status, Maybelline needs to become a mother. And soon.

There's just one problem. Daddy Dearest still thinks it's his job to protect his daughter's virtue.


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