Meet Rocket Dog

posted: 05/15/12
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Rocket Dog
Heinrich Van Den Berg

Flower's death led to a fierce family feud and the breakup of the once mighty Whiskers.

Anarchy reigned as Rocket Dog and sister Maybelline battled it out for the right to wear their late mother's crown. As the new season begins, Rocket Dog has clawed her way to the top of an unruly Whiskers mob. She's ambitious but inexperienced and is struggling to keep her disorderly gang of 33 relatives under control.

Fortunately for her, dear old pop Zaphod has been hanging around to provide support. However, the one thing Rocket Dog needs even more than support... is a man. As dominant female she must start a family soon. And it seems the louder her biological clock ticks, the lower her standards become.


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